Dublin Fallon 580

Vesting Tentative Tract Map to subdivide the 192-acre parcel, Planned Development Rezone and Development Agreement.

Francis Ranch (East Ranch)

Development of a 573-unit residential project, 11.5 acres of public parks, a 2.6-acre, two-acre Semi-Public Site.

The Dublin Centre PA-1 TMap

Vesting Tentative Parcel Map application for PA-1 of The Dublin Centre project. The project includes the subdivision of a 23.7-acre site to create three parcels south of Dublin Boulevard.  

BASIS Independent School (Corrie Center)

Conditional Use Permit and Site Development Review Permit in the Downtown Dublin Specific Plan Transit Oriented District.

Downtown Hines North

Demolition of the two existing commercial buildings totaling 28,000 square feet and construction of a new 33,000 square foot multi-tenant commercial building.

Hexcel Redevelopment

Proposed redevelopment of 11711 Dublin Boulevard that would demolish an existing building and construct a new 125,304 square-foot light industrial, advanced manufacturing and life sciences building.

McDonald’s Remodel

Site Development Review Permit for the remodel of the exiting McDonald's restaurant including a 650 square foot addition and a second drive-thru lane. 

Amador Station

Development of an affordable housing project consisting of up to 300 affordable units to be built in two phases, ground floor retail, amenity space, and parking.

The Dublin Centre “The DC” (SCS Property)

Site Development Review Permit and Tentative Tract Map(s)

Boulevard (Dublin Crossing) – Phase 4 & 5

Phases 4 and 5 of the Boulevard project include 509 units and landscape improvements.

Boulevard (Dublin Crossing) Phase 2 & 3

Phases 2 and 3 of the Boulevard project include 791 units a private recreation facility, and landscape improvements.

Quarry Lane School – Performing Arts Center

Quarry Lane School Expansion

Infiniti Dealership

A Site Development Review Permit to construct a 10,461 square foot Infiniti automobile showroom and service center adjacent to the upcoming Nissan automobile dealership approved in 2019.

Righetti Property

An application for a Planned Development Rezone with a Stage 2 Development Plan, Vesting Tentative Map and Development Agreement

The Whitford of Dublin (Dublin Senior Living)

152-unit senior living project consisting of 114 assisted living units, 38 memory care units and 174 beds. The application includes a Planned Development Rezone and Site Development Review Permit.

Regional Street Senior Affordable Housing

Senior affordable housing project with 113 units

H Mart Supermarket

Proposed expansion to an existing commercial tenant space to construct a new 8,552 square-foot food hall, 3,187 square foot outdoor seating area and related site improvements for H Mart supermarket.

Inspiration Drive Assisted Living

Planned Development Stage 1 Rezone, Site Development Review Permit and Tentative Parcel Map for an assisted living facility

Avalon West (St. Patrick Way)

Site Development Review to demolish an existing 200,000 square foot warehouse and construct a 499 unit residential apartment complex.

Kaiser Commercial – Nissan

Planned Development Rezone with a Stage 1 and Stage 2 Development Plan and a Site Development Review Permit to construct a Nissan auto dealership.

Inspiration Drive Memory Care

Memory care facility consisting of 55-beds

Nissan Commercial Car Wash

A new 3,574 square foot self-service car wash located on the southwest corner of Dublin Boulevard and Kaiser Road. The project requires a Planned Development Stage 1 and Stage 2 amendment and a Site

Boulevard (Dublin Crossing) – Phase 1

Phase1 of the Boulevard project include 453 units and landscape improvements.

Dublin Transit Center Parking Garage

Dublin Transit Center Parking Garage Project near the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station will have a capacity for over 500 parking spaces